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Handyman Home Repair Denton, TX

Handy Home Repair for Denton, Corinth
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Jim McBride Home Repair & Remodel Denton, TXAs a homeowner in the Denton, Corinth and north Dallas-Fort Worth, we are sure that you want a high quality, professional repair service when it comes to your home repair needs.

Jim McBride with McBride Repair and Remodel has over 10 years experience in handling not only minor repairs and small jobs around your home, but also in tackling the larger home improvement projects that may come up as well. Jim brings the knowledge and skill to tackle the home repair and home improvement projects you may not have the time or the 'know how' to do yourself.

Sometimes allowing a professional to handle your home's "To-Do List" of minor repairs, touch-ups and maintenance can be a much more cost effective solution rather than expensive renovations. We work hard to save our homeowners on home repair! The truth is that more often than not, large company contractors are either not interested in small home repair jobs, or if they agree to the work, they tend to charge too much money. When you work with McBride Repair and Remodel, you can trust we're in your corner to save you as much money as possible on home projects!

We want to be your home handyman service. Contact us today for FREE Estimate.

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Handy Man Home Repair Tip


For colder months of the year, consider getting an energy audit done on your home. A certified Home Energy Audithome energy audit (or assessment) will provide you with the critical information needed to help save money in energy efficiency. Contact your utility company to see if they offer a discounted audit. Then follow up on those professional recommendations with McBride Repair & Remodel. We'll assist you by applying the repair recommendations to save you money on your energy bill!

Click below to hear an actual
AUDIO TESTIMONY from one of our many valued customers!

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